010 – Weedtervention


Episode ten finds the guys discovering some changes to their reactions when faced with extreme external circumstances. Carson shares another wild acupuncture experience, and Brett shares a story of a teaching brought upon by an unlikely candidate. An inquiry into marijuana use quickly becomes an intervention of sorts as Carson is forced to look at the role it plays in his life. Other topics include psychedelic studies and emotional integration. \m/

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Credits: This podcast uses “Gasp.wav” by Dvideoguy,  “Thump2.wav” by Adam_N , and “undress” by sangtao, all licensed under CC0 1.0. It also uses “Door_Open_2.wav” by skyumori, licensed under CC Sampling Plus 1.0, and a clip of “Mi Verdad” by Los Sundayers, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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