014 – Theft, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll

Theft, Drugs and Rock N' Roll

We’re turning this podcast up to 11! Carson catches someone stealing at his shop, and Brett is faced with inquiry taking him to places he doesn’t necessarily want to go. The duo then look at Yogani’s “Evolutionary Stages of Mind” which leads to a discussion on drug induced states and their relation to states found on the spiritual path. Other topics include sensory deprivation tanks and meditation experiences. \m/

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Credits: This podcast uses “Pepper pot (take 1)” by National Promenade Band, licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 US. It also uses Ryan_Cheesy_Rimshot.flac by Babij, licensed under Sampling Plus 1.0 and APPLIANCE_PLUG_IN:OUT.WAV by dansotak, licensed under CC0 1.0.

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