Seek and Destroy

logo_FINALABOUT2In a galaxy far, far away, in a place beyond time and space, two anti-heros are wreaking havoc on the masses.  Pushing every boundary and questioning every belief, these libertines hold nothing sacred and seek truth at all costs.

Occasionally referred to by their given names, Brett and Carson, they endeavor to do what few others have dared to attempt… to remove the filters of perception, look directly at themselves and share their experience with others as an exercise in vulnerability.

Meeting for the first time during a meditation retreat, these unashamed warriors knew instantly that they were on similar paths in life.  Littered with tattoos and openly discussing the benefits they had experienced from the use of shamanic medicines, they did not fit the ‘yogi’ stereotype commonly expected at a meditation retreat.

After a few years of exploring the common threads in their paths, Brett and Carson decided to share their combined journey with others.  Created out of hubris, their offering was quickly humbled by Life itself and the journey began to take on a life of its own.