Poll: Would you be interested in a YouTube video accompaniment to the podcast?
Yes, I'd definitely watch it.
I might watch it, but no guarantees.
I wouldn't watch it.
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01-23-2017, 11:49 PM (This post was last modified: 01-23-2017 11:55 PM by brett.)
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Carson and I have been discussing the idea of releasing a video accompaniment to the podcast, which would look something like the recent video we released. Depending on the amount of work involved putting the video together, it may not be done for every episode, but its definitely something we could do every once in a while if anyone would be interested.

So before we even considered moving forward with it I figured it would be good to ask if anyone even gives a shit about video, or if we should just keep things as-is so you don't have to stare at our ugly mugs for hours on end.

In addition to the poll, comments would also be appreciated. metal

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