ark, I inched closer and closer to
06-26-2018, 09:35 PM
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ark, I inched closer and closer to
Every running shoe is marketed as fast. Of course. No one wants to put a pair on their feet that’ll slow them down. That would be the equivalent of buying a jacket that makes you colder.
But every year, new debuts come out that are positioned as THE Nike Air Max 95 Femme game-changing shoe. You know, the one sneak that will turn you into a speed demon, help you set new PRs, and alas, make you enjoy running in the process.
Nike’s new Epic React Nike Air Max Classic BW Dames Flyknit, out February 22, is part of 2018’s holy handful—if not, dare I say it, the leader of itI first tried the shoe, set to replace the popular LunarEpic series, back in November, when the brand had a dozen-ish samples for wear-testing. It was mostly a show-and-tell, with the Nike Running team breaking down the unique features Nike Air Max 90 Damen Pink of the design. The highlights, per the brand? A thick outsole made of insanely light, cushy, and responsive foam (Nike’s own), and a simple knit upper that hugs your foot for minimal distraction. I tested them for an easy 10-minute treadmill run and loved what I felt—or really, what I didn’t: the treadmill. The ride was smooth and soft, but I wasn’t entirely sure if it was the shoe or the fancy machine that made it so.

Then this week at Nike’s launch event, myself and a bunch of editors each got our own pair Nike Air Presto Dames to sprint, jump, and crawl around in (literally, that’s what we did during the event—darted around tires, leaped on trampolines, and trudged through foam blocks…all to metaphorically experience different features of the shoe). The shoes were incredibly light and comfy the entire time, but the real test came later, when I hit the Adidas Superstar Mujer streets of Manhattan at lunchtime for a four-mile run.To be honest, I hadn’t gone for a run in quite some time. (I have bursitis in one of my knees—chronic inflammation of a sac near the joint—and recurring flare-ups with a formerly fractured ankle, so I’d taken two months off from running, save an occasional event, to give my body a rest and focus on other activities.) So I expected to run fairly slowly, given that I’m far from my prime running shape. But as soon as I picked up my feet from a brisk walk Nike Air Max 90 Dámské to what I planned to be a jog, I found myself getting faster and faster. In fact, as I zig-zagged through the streets of Midtown to Central Park, I inched closer and closer to an 8:20 pace—not bad when you’re just getting back into the sport, not to mention constantly stopping at crosswalks and dodging tufts of inattentive strangers.
Nike Air Vapormax Damen
The interesting thing was, the speed felt easy. Like, weirdly easy. I felt like I was running with a memory-foam pillow underneath me, except the material bounced back upward before www.royerimprimeur.frI even removed my weight, propelling me forward with its own energy. I could hardly feel the unevenness of the busted city sidewalks, and turning was a breeze. I was running so fast and so effortlessly, I even ran straight past the avenue that houses my office. That’s rare: I’m usually the type of runner who counts down the Adidas Hamburg Dam streets until my run is over. (Not that I don’t like running…I just find it taxing.).

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