003 - Nobody Eats Parsley
03-14-2014, 06:10 PM
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RE: 003 - Nobody Eats Parsley
(03-14-2014 04:33 PM)Carlene Wrote:  Another way to get on the charts is to ask all if your listeners to subscribe, rate and comment on the podcast in iTunes. Not sure if you do that in later podcasts, because I'm on Ep 4:)

I think we've asked once in 12 podcasts. Apparently Carson and I also have issues asking for help. Xd

I'll start plugging it at the end of every podcast from here on out. Thanks much for the tip. Rock
03-14-2014, 06:42 PM
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RE: 003 - Nobody Eats Parsley
(03-14-2014 04:33 PM)Carlene Wrote:  Beautiful.
Thank you so much for writing this Carson. It's clear and laser and the fact you wrote this during work is amazing.

I'm wondering if you're open to doing it a bit differently? At the school, Katie has people write the sheets a bit different now. She invites you to write it about a specific situation. Like the moment you read her email. That 5 minute period.

So it ends up being, In this situation, I am indignant, irate, frustrated with my mom because she thinks should be able to buy my time.

The reason for doing it this way is that your mind has so much evidence that you are right in your first sheet. You have years of evidence and it would be hard to for your ego to let the questions penetrate an entire life story or relationship dynamic. By putting it into a very small window, we can get laser focused on reactions and the truth of what is going on. I love sharing this method with people because it is so effective.

Totally open to doing it on a specific situation. Not sure that I have that specific situation right now, but after spending a day with my family at the funeral/wake next weekend, I'm quite sure I'll have a plethora to pick from. Party Hahaha

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